Welcome to East Side Fab!
Welcome to East Side Fab!
Welcome to East Side Fab!
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East Side Fab - innovation hub and booster in Saarland, Germany.

We are the hub for all companies that want to turn ideas into sustainable success. In the East Side Fab we shape the cooperation between business and science. Founded by companies for companies, the focus is on the realization of cross-industry innovation projects and the creation of new products and solutions in the field of future technologies - this is where industry, medium-sized companies and start-ups learn to grow together even more, to master change together and thus set the course for to set the future. Therefore we are the innovation accelerator for your goals and visions. #boostyourinnovation

We are funded and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digital and Energy and are additionally supported by membership fees.

Central elements and services.

Innovation projects.

The core of the East Side Fab are the innovation projects and other funding and transfer projects. Ideas are realized here together with members and converted into prototypes and solutions. We support you with budget and know-how.

#boostyourinnovation #OpenInnovation #marketoriented #CoCreation #justdoit #Community #EastSideFab #strongtogether #Collaboration #Saarland  
#boostyourinnovation #OpenInnovation #marketoriented #CoCreation #justdoit #Community #EastSideFab #strongtogether #Collaboration #Saarland  

East Side Fab - members.

Here is an overview of our members and partners who are part of the East Side Fab innovation community. Together, we drive innovation in Saarland and transform ideas into sustainable success.

Do you have ideas and a thirst for innovations?

Are you interested in events, innovation projects and want to learn more about membership and cooperation opportunities at East Side Fab? Together, we identify suitable trends and future topics for your company and transform them into concrete prototypes and business models. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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