ieMETaS: Car charging of the future.

ieMETaS [imetas] stands for: intelligent eMobility, Energy & IoT from Saarland

The consortium partners.

The challenge.

More and more electric cars are entering the market. This increases the need for charging options in the private and public sectors. In addition to energy aspects, there are also requirements for the construction of charging facilities in the urban infrastructure. In addition, this leads to an avoidable load situation for energy grids, which must be countered with intelligent solutions.

The objective.

The aim is the exemplary realisation of a future-compliant charging infrastructure and connected backend structure: More than just a parking space – the networked car park of the future.

In addition to the technical feasibility, special attention is paid to energy management and monitoring the occupancy of the parking spaces and the complete management of the IoT data via a central platform. Effective utilisation of the charging infrastructure and the communication and value chains are demonstrated and tested here.


The solution.

The solution is a platform in which the utilisation of charging infrastructures and their control is made possible. Related to this is the installation of semi-public charging points and complementary value-added services. In addition, a blueprint for the development of a joint smart parking and electric mobility solution of the applicants will be developed.


Our Innovation Manager:
Lukas Grünbeck

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